Electric Velocipede revised schedule

Have you read “The Art Disease” yet?  You never know when it might strike someone you love.  Several other victims are publishing their fine work in EV.  Stay tuned:

Electric Velocipede Issue #23
Table of Contents & Publication Dates

October 31 “The Art Disease” by Dennis Danvers
November 7 “Dancing in the Winter Rooms” by David Tallerman
November 14 “Fastening” by Patricia Russo
“The Last Patrol” by Tara Barnett (poem)

November 21 “Fish Out of Water” by Deborah Fitchett
Blindfold Taste Test with Alex Irvine
November 28 Nonfiction: Spec Fic Poetry by John Ottinger
December 5 “A Reason to Fear Life, a Reason to Crave Death” by Andrew Kaye
“Her Mother’s Bees”
“The Girl and Her Cloud” by Alexandra Seidel (poems)
December 12 “The Empire Never Ended” by Brian Trent
December 19 “Through the Uprights” by Richard Butner