Short Stories

“Welcome to the Garden of the Dead Lilians” in See the Elephant issue Beyond Death.  Available for purchase online.

“Penelope Waits” in Apex Magazine. Read it online.

“Once More Into the Abyss” in  Read it online. (Third and final in a series beginning with “Adult Children of Alien Beings.”  Though each stands alone, the three stories together form a novella.)

“Orphan Pirates of the Spanish Main” in  Read it online.

“Robot Story” in See the Elephant.  Read it online.

“The Three Kings” in See the Elephant. Read it online.

“Adult Children of Alien Beings” in Tor.Com.  Read it online.

“Desperate Love” in See the Elephant. Read it online.

“Swansong and Then Some” in Nightmare Carnival ed. Ellen Datlow, 2014.

“All the Snake Handlers I Know Are Dead” in Tor.Com. Read it online.

“Christmas in Hollywood Cemetery” in Remapping Hallowed Ground ed. Martha Erwin, 2013.

Leaving the Dead,” in Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 36, May 2013. Read it online.

“The Art Disease,” in Electric Velocipede, October 2011.  (read it online). Also in The Best of Electric Velocipede ed. John Klima, 2014

“The Banjo Singer,” in Realms of Fantasy, December 2010.

“The Fairy Princess,” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March/April 2010.

“Texas Beach,” in Richmond Noir (A collection of Richmond mystery stories), Akashic Press, 2010; reprinted in Richmond Magazine, March 2010. Read it online.

“Small Motel”  in Space and Time, No. 109, Winter 2009.

‘The Broken Dream Factory,”  in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, No. 24, July 2009.

“Healing Benjamin,”  August 2009, Realms of Fantasy; and in Tails of Wonder and Imagination, ed. Ellen Datlow, February 2010. Reprinted in Lightspeed February 2019.  Read it online.

“Here’s What I Know,” June 2008, Realms of Fantasy, pp. 74-79, 94. Reprinted in Lightspeed August 2018. Read it online.

“The Angel’s Touch,” April 2008, Intergalactic Medicine Show. (available for download)

“R3,” in December 2007, Strange Horizons. (read it online, Part One. Part Two.)

“Forty Dollars in Tens and Fives,”  in Review La Booche, No. 5 (1990), pp. 82-86.

“The Buried Life,” in  Sou’wester, 17, No. 3 (Summer, 1990), 36-53. (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize).

“Something Different,” in New Delta Review, 7, No. 1 (1990), 3-11.

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