Bad Angels

Bad Angels Cover Final 1563x2500

Shannon’s a fallen angel. Hunted. Hiding. Her crime? She’d rather live on earth with humans and exercise free will than blindly serve a god she’s never met.

On the streets, Shannon keeps her wings tucked inside a hollowed out backpack and taps the will of young men. Nothing harmful. Just enough to get what she needs—until she meets George, an angel-obsessed artist, in Richmond, Virginia.

Peter Arrowsmith is in charge of seeing to the Problem of the fallen, and he’s closing in on Shannon. Trouble is, Peter’s slipping into an entanglement of his own with Bethanie, a beautiful, compulsive liar.

As Shannon flees and Peter pursues, they draw a group of misfits into their deadly battle. But as both angels and humans will learn, love can make a tragedy or a farce of even divinely inspired plans.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9899772-3-4

Author: Dennis Danvers

Price: 6.99
Publisher: Metaphysical Circus Press
Formats: e-book and paperback, 114,000 words
Publication month and year: October, 2015
Publicity contact: Vanessa Del Fabbro 804-335-4497,

Publisher contact: Melanie Lamaga, 619.606.6419,

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