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This is Dennis Danvers’ web site, the “official” source for information on his novels, short stories, teaching, readings, and anything else interesting. Stay tuned for more updates and news!

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  1. It seems that the sales of my previous books fall below the threshold Barnes & Nobles and other such megastores deem sufficient to order future titles. Hence, an identity change. I can’t say it’s an experiment that’s worked particularly well. The name, by the way, is my father’s. He was Robert Sydney Danvers. He always wanted to publish, writing hard-boiled mystery stories that never saw print. He was the first to introduce me to Hammett and Chandler, and I thought he might appreciate his name on a book at long last. —Dennis

  2. Hi Dennis,

    I exchanged some email with you several years ago. I have enjoyed reading your books, especially “Circuit of Heaven” and “End of Days”. Whatever happened to “Cloverleaf”, which was the novel you were working on at that time?

  3. Hi Hassan,

    I remember you. Alas, I’ve been unable to sell “Cloverleaf.” As the name implies, it’s a novel with three interwoven sections. At least one of the parts doesn’t work to my satisfaction (or any editors for that matter!). I may rework the best part into a standalone story at some point. I wrote “The Bright Spot” (published under pseudonym Robert Sydney) after “Cloverleaf.”
    At the moment finished novel “The Donut Man” is being considered by several publishers, and I’m finishing a novel called “The Recuse or The President’s Dog.” I’ve been writing a lot of short fiction with several stories ready to mail out at the beginning of the year. Short story “R3″ will appear in”Strange Horizons,” probably in June.

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