The author finally shows up at the party

About the time this site was created by my good friend Steve Krause, summer school began, teaching began—nine novels and nine films in nine weeks. Then, the last day of the term, a little over a month ago, there was the bike wreck. A woman walking her dog on a retractable lead (evil, those) was sitting in her car making a phone call (evil those, as well) while her dog was taking a dump in the median. I love dogs. From my bike perspective, all I saw was dumping dog. I looked around for the attached person. She stepped out of her car and said, “Stop!” I yelled some other things when I picked myself up. I’m happy to report the dog was unharmed. Nobody, to my knowledge, ever picked up the poop. But my sprained thumb now works okay, and my back less so. Still, I hate to be late.

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