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As part of the Twenty-First Century Fantastic class this summer, we’ll be looking at a sampling of online fiction for the last few years.  These are all terrific stories that have garnered a good deal of praise and prizes.  Enjoy.

Strange Horizons
Helen Keeble. “A Journal of Certain Events of Scientific Interest from the First Survey Voyage of the Southern Waters by HMS Ocelot, As Observed by Professor Thaddeus Boswell, DPhil, MSc, or, A Lullaby”—(June 1 and 8, 2009) Part 1, Part 2

Clarkesworld Magazine
Kij Johnson. “Spar” (Issue 37; October 2009)

Peter Watts. “The Things” (Issue 40; January 2010)

Catherine Valente. “13 Ways of Looking at Space Time” (Issue 47;August 2010)

Lightspeed Magazine
Carrie Vaughn. “Amaryllis” (Issue 1; June 2010)

Vylar Kaftan. “I’m Alive, I Love You, I’ll See You in Reno” (Issue 1; June 2010)

Charles Yu. “Standard Loneliness Package” (Issue 6, November 2010)

Fantasy Magazine
Kat Howard. “Choose Your Own Adventure.” (in April 2011 issue)

Genevieve Valentine. “Light on the Water” (October 2009)
Rachel Swirsky. “Eros, Philia, Agape”

_____________. “A Memory of Wind”

3 thoughts on “Online Fiction Sampler

  1. Happy Birthday Dylan – 70 yrs old – Forever Young

    It is always exciting to find Dylan mentioned in a Dennis Danvers book!

    Dennis you are a busy person! You are amazing and have touched so many people and continue to do so. Your writing is so unique and creative and your students are so fortunate to have you as their teacher. Peace always.

  2. Your story was one of my favorites. The students responded especially to the powerful emotional content. Very nice story indeed.

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