For National Poetry Month

As National Poetry Month comes to a close, it’s been great to see all the events around town.  This does bring to mind a less than satisfying literary experience that took place long ago and far away, though I did get this little poem out of it:

Famous Poet Workshop, Saturday 1-4 pm, $150

Caged sentiments, re-engineered memories,
and most of all, a way with words—
Let’s make a poem, shall we?
A poignant, patchwork little ditty,
a driven moment of self-examination
or typing, though some can’t write
without just the right pen or sedative.
Don’t let that slow you down. The lines
will find a way through the sediment
of your precious lives, and words will come
like something something you can’t—
or at least don’t care—to explain.
Never hang around to explain, and
eat the rest of those donuts or else
I’ll have to take them home.

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