Hey, Senator Macaca, I’m talking to you!

Now he’s done it.  Allen is attacking Webb for characters and incidents in his novels.  Setting aside for the moment that George couldn’t write a novel if his life depended on it, let’s take this idea for a test drive.  It’s called fiction, George.  By your reckoning Tolstoy would favor women throwing themselves in front of trains.  Kafka would be pro insect.  Shakespeare encourages teen sex and suicide pacts, blinding people with your bare hands, and letting old people wander around without proper medical care.  As for me, I favor young impressionable boys being raised by a man with lizard genes and a multiple personality and time-traveling anarchists taking on the CSA.  Right.  I hope my fellow Virginians are as disgusted as I am by this insult to our intelligence.  Two more years of W is bad enough, but six more years of Senator Macaca?  And Jim, if you’re listening, I hope you sell a ton of books, and thanks for running.

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