Virginia Politics

Who would’ve thought that Virginia would be a key state in the upcoming election?  Until Senator George “Macaca” Allen started running against himself—not hard admittedly—there was no contest.  I’ve never lived anywhere I voted with the majority.  I grew up in Texas, so I believe that’s to my credit.  The Dixie Chicks make me proud I’m a Texan, but I agree with their assessment of George W.  And though it’s hard to imagine, Allen may be even dimmer than W.  These faux good old boys seem to spend a few brain cells in the transformation from rich kid to plain folks.

We’re also blessed with a “Marriage Amendment” vote.  I believe in marriage—I’ve done it four times.  This cumbersome amendment would make my current household “approximating marriage” illegal.  So the Commonwealth after nearly ten wonderful years wants me to screw up a good thing by getting married a fifth time?  Are they nuts?  What I love is that in a society which claims to separate church and state there’s a referundum to “uphold the sanctity of marriage.”  I’m sorry.  Sanctity doesn’t sound like a state function to me.  If the various churches wish to define marriage this way and that, fine.  The state shouldn’t concern itself with such issues.  Contracts, property, medical access—all these are state issues and would be affected by this homophobic amendment.  Vote NO.

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