Ravencon starts today

I hope to see you there. I’ve picked up an additional panel in addition to those announced earlier. It’s Saturday 1:00 PM. Here’s the description:

My Lover is a Vampire…or…Maybe A Werewolf…(I can’t decide they are both so hot!)
Are the mainstays of horror being turned into the sex toys of today? Not only women, but yes, men are writing them, and it isn’t just male and female relationships, but even male/male too, and lesser scale female/female. Why are these books being written? What is the attraction for men/women buying these books? What does the future hold?

I’m a little puzzled at the writer’s puzzlement that werewolves and sex would be linked, but we’ll see what my fellow panelists think. I’m moderating, but I don’t yet know who else is on the panel.

I plan to be around for most of the con. Say hello!

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