3 Haiku for Creation

3 Haiku for Creation


God wakes, looks around,

Makes everything he sees

But can’t see himself.


Man wakes, makes a sound,

Names everything he sees,

Calls the mirror, God.


Woman never sleeps:

She builds the fire, throws the pot,

Cooks the dawn inside.



2 thoughts on “3 Haiku for Creation

  1. Hey Dennis,

    I was wondering if you have any plans to release more of your work as e-books. I just read Wilderness on Kindle, but I’m actually really interested in starting on Circuit of Heaven. I’m might yet pick up the dead tree version… but since we are currently living in our RV, space is limited, so the book collection is in storage and we are curtailing our purchase of most tangible things.


    Thad Phetteplace

  2. I’m working on it, but nothing tangible as yet. Most of my energies these days are going into putting together a short story collection. There was a bootleg Circuit making the rounds that’s a pdf I believe. The program Send to Kinde should convert it.

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