Delightfully Busy

A couple of intense summer classes and the last-minute assignment of a graduate workshop starting Tuesday have left me too busy to blog, but I’ve been having a blast.  The summer workshop was unbelievably good. A couple were so good I invited them to take the graduate workshop, and one has taken me up on the offer. I’ve met most of the members of the graduate workshop, and they are a smart, energetic, committed group.  I can’t wait.  Twenty-five years after moving to Richmond to take the VCU graduate fiction workshop, I’m teaching it.  Not a bad way to celebrate my 65th birthday.  Besides Medicare, of course.

3 thoughts on “Delightfully Busy

  1. Came across your website and realized you’re the only college instructor whose name and class I have never forgotten. UTA 1976. Wasn’t SF, but definitely a memorable, eclectic array of reading material. From Lysistrata to the Book of Job.
    Remember you sitting on the back of a chair, drinking coffee from a thermos, and making abuch of architecture majors think about something other than beer and the opposite sex.
    Good to see you’re still around and I’ll be looking for your books.

  2. 1976! I remember that class, a combo platter of composition and survey of world lit, overwhelmingly (totally?) male future architects. Thanks for remembering. So how did the architecture thing work out?

  3. Yes. Mostly guys in that class. There were a very few girls. It was supposed to be a two year gig for architecture majors, but the second year failed to happen.

    Never finished the architecture, but given the market over the years, probably a good thing. I wonder what happened to most of those people. I’m still in the DFW area.

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