Love Gone Wrong

I’m proud to be part of an innovative show at artspace, zero east 4th street, richmond, va 23224 / 804.232.6464:

Love Gone Wrong in the Smallspace gallery Heartbreak Illustrations
Ten artists illustrate ten authors, an art/text collaboration
curated by Santa Sergio De Haven
poems and stories by Dennis Danvers, Katy Resch, Amira Pierce,
Marie Potoczny, Susann Cokal, Alan Cheuse, Joel Kabot, Angela Apte,
April Sopkin and Katelyn Kiley illustrated by Eric Knight, Josh George,
William Waggoner, Eric S. Pfeiffer, Bob Scott, Rob Ullman, Julia Scott,
Kelly Alder, Robert Meganck and Eliza Childress

Love Gone Wrong – Heartbreak Stories Reading
Friday, February 10th, 7 to 9 pm
Free and Open to the Public

4 thoughts on “Love Gone Wrong

  1. I grew up in Texas, visited Mexico often, and spent a few months in the late 90’s in the southern states where most of the action takes place. I love the country and the people.

  2. Hey Danvers, what was your intent for the novel being a dystopia and what is the literal theme as I have read the astounding piece of literature and would love to hear from you agian.

  3. I wanted to show the virtual life is a shrinking life, that the first world needs the third world to stay down, but such inequity is not sustainable.

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