Electric Velocipede #23

The schedule for the launch of EV 23 follows. You’ll notice me bringing up the rear. Hope you’ll join me:
August 15
“Through the Uprights” by Richard Butner / Blindfold Taste Test w/Alex Irvine

August 22
“Fastening” by Patricia Russo / “Fish out of Water” by Deborah Fitchett

August 29
“Gray-faced Wench” by Andrew Kaye / “The Last Patrol” by Tara Barnett (poem)

September 5
“Dancing in the Winter Room” by David Tallerman / “Her Mother’s Bees” and “The Girl and Her Cloud” by Alexandra Seidel (poems)

September 12
“The Empire Never Ended” by Brian Trent / “Content TKTK: Speculative Poetry” by John Ottinger III

September 19
“The Art Disease” by Dennis Danvers / “Sampling the Aspic” by Penelope O’Shea

1 thought on “Electric Velocipede #23

  1. How is it that I had no idea you were teaching at VCU? Figures I just graduated and wont be taking anymore classes… We read your novel ‘Wilderness’ in Thomas DeHaven’s Fantastica class and you came in to talk about it. I was just thinking I should look you up and see what you were up to, and this is what I find out? The funny thing is, I had a spanish class in the same classroom, if the titles on the board were any indication. I recongnized a lot of the titles and thought to myself “this class has got to be awesome”. Well, I’m glad that students are going to get the benefit of your expertise! I enjoyed your discussion in the class and the novel and just wanted to let you know! Now that I’ve found your website I’ll check back every once in awhile.

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