Inside of a Dog

Inside of a Dog:  What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz is an excellent book for dog lovers who want to understand their dogs better.  I was also drawn to the book because I’m revising a novel in which search and rescue dogs figure prominently, and it has been immensely helpful.  What Horowitz’s book is not is a book on dog training.  I mention this because many of the unfair attacks on the book have come from the dog trainer quarter, not surprisingly since Horowitz discredits the popular macho dominate-your-dog school of dog training based on a misunderstanding of both wolves and dogs.  I did a great deal of research on wolves when I wrote Wilderness and have kept up with the subject.  It always sets my teeth on edge when people equate dog and wolf behavior and then go on to get wolf behavior all wrong.  (If your dog trainer goes on and on about wolf packs and alpha animals, etc., I’d get a new trainer).  The book is entertaining and often touching.  (I cried at the end—but I’m a big softy).  Others have covered this territory, but none so accessibly. I highly recommend it.

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