Back from Capclave

I had a good time as usual, though attendance seemed light, probably because of weather.  The Morrows were snowed in and couldn’t make it.  The Villain panel devolved into a dumb discussion of Hitler and other real world villains without sufficient attention to literary ones.  Sheila Williams, editor of Asimov’s was an excellent Editor Guest of Honor.  The high point for me was hearing a beautiful short story “Waiting for Jakie” read by Barbara Krasnoff.  I was the only one there (except Jim Freund her partner).  I don’t know why readings aren’t better attended.  I also had one attendee at my reading, and she was an excellent audience, but her name has slipped my porous memory.  The best panel I served on was definitely the multiple perspectives topic, with lots of good advice and specifics for writers interested in point of view.  It was at 10 pm, however, so the audience was about the size of the panel.  SF conventions with my post-heart attack diet are a challenge.  There was only one thing on the Hilton menu I could eat, and of course sugar and fat were on offer for free everywhere.

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