District 9

I saw District 9 by Neill Blomkamp yesterday, and I still can’t get the last frame out of my head.  That such an image could matter to me, that I would care at all, much less have it haunt me, is a testament to what science fiction can do.  There’s tons of pointless techno second guessing surrounding this film in the reviews I’ve read—how does the pooba work huh?  And why don’t they explain …  Thank you, Neill Blomkamp, for not explaining all the time.  SF doesn’t need any more di-lithium crystals.  There are the usual round of reviews saying it’s good and hence not really science fiction.  I can’t help those people.  One reviewer didn’t seem to think Blomkamp was aware this isn’t a happy ending.  No—I think he got that part.  And I’m still getting it.  I loved this film.

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