We returned from a wonderful vacation in Italy late last Sunday night.  Next morning, I had a heart attack, spent a couple of days at St. Mary’s, a damn fine hospital.  I have three stents in two different arteries, and I feel better than I typically did before the procedure.  So.  Never a dull moment.  Having a heart attack has proven to be something of a hectic social event, delightful, but a bit exhausting.  I’ve told the tale too many times.  The essentials are these:  I almost died, but didn’t, and actually feel better as sort of a bonus prize.  I was going to put off this blog until I’d contacted everyone who needed contacting, and I gave up.  I’m doing great.  Life is wonderful.  Spread the rumor.

Now for a little bit of Italy.  This is my favorite from Milan.  Close up and in context: