Back from vacation

Sarah and I just got back from our honeymoon, a camping trip to several sites in southwest Virginia and a visit to old friends Randall Williams and Betsy Daniel on a mountaintop near Big Stone Gap. We started off in Galax for a bike ride on part of the New River Trail. Then we headed to Grayson Highlands State Park for three days of hiking in the area. There were lots of through hikers on the AT who would always greet us with a “nice day for a day hike” or something like that to remind us we weren’t lugging 50 pounds on our backs. Silly us. We went up to Mt. Rogers, highest point in Virginia, saw lots of wild ponies and gorgeous whitewater creeks, and generally had a spectacular time. The highlight, however, was visiting Randall and Betsy and their dog Maggie, a year old Great Pyrenees who is quite adorable and likes to wrestle. We spent three more days hiking the national forest with them. I have lots of photos of my fellow hikers’ backs but not much else. A few shots, however:

This colt was the most entertaining of the wild ponies. Shortly after this picture was taken, he tore about the clearing in a stiff-legged gait. The adults scrupulously ignored him.

Just listen to that. I love that sound.

Here, Randall and I are pulling duty on the space shuttle. Actually, that’s Randall and Betsy’s trailer where they reside while building a house.

In other news, I mailed the ms. of The Best Lucifer Ever to my agent today. Fingers crossed, everyone. Hell, pray for me if you want. Just don’t let on to God I’m not a believer. I’ve got enough troubles.

School starts in a week. I still have room in both classes.  Love to have you.

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  1. Oh my gosh, katia will flip when she sees ‘pooooonnnyyyy!!!’. haha.

    i have a new addition to my family arriving on monday evening, i would love to bring her over to visit you guys sometime soon.

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