Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by to visit, especially those who’ve made a comment. Thanks for reading. Thanks to the universe for the wonderful species of which I’m a member, for this planet, our delightful home, and for all the varied life with which we share it.

And finally, thanks to for making The Watch and Circuit of Heaven available as Kindle Books this holiday season. Maybe the thing will catch on, and I’ll finally earn back my advance…. Naw, it’ll never happen.

Eat hearty, mates. Life is good.

4 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Yay!

    I’m terribly excited about the Kindle. I fully intend to purchase one when the federal government decides to give me what money they haven’t spent on the War on Terror back.

    I’ll definitely be snagging your libros electronicos!

  2. $400 is a bit steep, but it’s still in early adopter phase. Can’t believe they made Neil Gaiman and Toni Morrison give their kindles back though. “Shill for us! No you don’t get to keep it. Jeez.”

    I’ve molested a friend’s. He’s been prodding all of his friends and family into getting one. And thus far he’s talked at least three of his creative writing professors into getting one.

    I’ve been working on Susann Cokal. But she is both apprehensive and busy. Alas.

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