Capclave schedule

I just got my schedule for Capclave, October 12-14 in DC (the burbs actually, but it’s on the Metro).

Saturday noon: Point of View. First, second and third person. When and how to use them. How many viewpoints can you sustain in a story? What works and what doesn’t. Panelists: Scott Edelman, Maria Snyder, Bud Sparhawk, Dennis Danvers (m).

Saturday 1 pm: Defining Jeffrey Ford. Classifying our author GOH and all his works. Fantasy? Mystery? New Weird? What genre is he? Panelists: Jeffrey Ford (m), Ellen Datlow, Dennis Danvers, Andy Duncan, Colleen Cahill. (I love that Jeff is moderating)

Saturday 7 pm: Why is “Genre” a Dirty Word? Let’s talk about the way so many people talk about genre fiction with an air of not-so-vague Puritan guilt — they might feel that reading genre is, somehow, lowering or perhaps they were scared in the cradle by somebody equating “make-believe” with filth. Panelists: Mary Jo Putney, Scott Edelman, Dennis Danvers (m), Ian Randal Strock, Kathryn Cramer.

Sunday 1 pm: The New Weird, The Interstitial Arts. What are we trying to accomplish by defining new ways of looking at all/some/a small piece of speculative fiction/science fiction/fantasy? Panelists: Jeffrey Ford, Kathryn Cramer (m), Dennis Danvers, Marilyn “Mattie” Brahen.

Say hello if you come. Jeffrey Ford is the guest of honor, and Ellen Datlow is the editor guest of honor, so it should be quite interesting.

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