Dennis and Alice celebrate birthdays

I turned 60 yesterday, and Alice turned 15. That’s right. I’ve spent a quarter of my life with this dog. We had a great party in a house cleaner than anyone could remember it ever being. This is one of my favorite shots of the party animals:

The painting on the wall is of Sarah’s mother when she was about sixteen. The story goes it was painted by a young man smitten with her. Everyone assumes it’s a painting of Sarah at sixteen.

2 thoughts on “Dennis and Alice celebrate birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday Dennis,

    It looks like you had a fine 60th birthday. You are a person that qualifies for all the good things in life.

    Since you are a Virgo I “felt” your birthday was early in the month.

    Any wisdom or thoughts in turning 60. Hmmmm. (BTY we are the same age for 4 days ea yr, just a little bit of trivia) No discussion on gravity and the body. I now have a countdown toward 61. Well, you will continue to feel like a teenager, only with the added wisdom of the years gone by, as only you have – that unique mind, and from years spent with a passion for life, love and knowing how to live ea day to the fullest. You will continue to be thrilled with each new Dylan CD. You will still enjoy ea fall, seen in every colored leaf. Heavenly blue morning glory willalways bring energy to your day. Those that love and respect you,(the multitudes),will forever feel so truly blessed having shared time with you. Whether from each moment spent with you, or from each turned page – your books are felt. Harley Davidson lives in you.

  2. I’m not sure about the Harley Davidson part, but the rest sounds great. I’ll leave wisdom to the young. As Dylan said, “I was so much older then. I’m younger than that now.”

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