Great weekend

First, all my urban fantasy students wrote terrific finals. Next, I heard from Intergalactic Medicine Show that they will be publishing a story of mine, “The Angel’s Touch.” The incept for the story was Sarah teasing me when I was railing against one of the many angel tv shows that maybe I should write an angel story. Next, Sarah and I went on a rugged hike that included wading across the James near the railroad bridge—it’s that low. Then we joined friends to watch the Richmond Braves lose to a team called the Mudhens. (You’ve got to love a name like that). Finally we biked out to see Becoming Jane. (I was one of 3 or 4 males in the audience.) We both emerged dewy eyed and liked it a great deal.

4 thoughts on “Great weekend

  1. Thanks Robert. I was beginning to wonder what weird corner of my subconscious might’ve come up with Mudhens. It was probably just the Times-Dispatch…

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