This is a crazy time of the year for me. My Science Fiction class is dashing to the finish. I give a final on Wednesday and start the Urban Fantasy class on Thursday. I’ve been grading and grading, reading and rereading. I always reread whatever I make my students read. There’s no way to remember a novel to the same degree as someone who’s just read it no matter how many times you’ve read it or how many notes you’ve taken on it. Fortunately, I enjoy rereading good books. I just finished Robert Charles Wilson’s Blind Lake and found myself deeply moved at the end even though I’ve read it a half-dozen times by now. The class has watched all the films we’re going to watch, so I asked them to vote one off the syllabus. The loser was the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers though several students said they wouldn’t replace any of the five films—something of a first. Tomorrow the booklist will get a similar reevaluation. I fear Murakami might fall though the Bradbury would be my personal choice. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed rereading Fahrenheit 451 no matter what Ray says it’s about these days. It’s just too ham-handed. Sarah and I did manage to play a little with a couple of expeditions to the James River to beat the heat. We went down to Texas Beach and rock-hopped out to the islands. Alas, Alice (our aged pup) is too old to make the journey these days. Here’s an old millwheel we came across.