3 thoughts on ““Healing Benjamin” reprinted in Lightspeed

  1. I am a Chinese editor of Science Fiction World magazine, we want to introduce this brilliant story into China. Could you please tell me how can we contact you through email?

  2. Dear Dennis Danvers´╝î
    Hello! I am an editor of a Chinese magazine named SCIENCE FICTION WORLD, which is a very famous magazine for translating foreign science fiction and fantasy fiction in China. Recently we have read your story Healing Benjamin on Analog magazine, it is a very brilliant story and we are glad to publish it on our magazine if we have your agreement. Could you please contact us through the email address: wly@sfw-cd.com , so that we can tell you more details about the contract?
    Looking forward to your reply and hope you have a good time!
    Best regards,
    Sasha Wu

    • I’m so sorry I missed this at first. I was traveling and neglected this site. I’m delighted we’ve since arranged for Benjamin to have a fresh life in SCIENCE FICTION WORLD!

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