Vick and his dogs

According to this morning’s Richmond Times-Dispatch, a search warrant of Michael Vick’s property where dog fighting regularly took place still hasn’t been executed. The wheels of justice turn slowly for the rich. According to Vick’s pal Portis, Michael should be able to do whatever he wants with the dogs since they’re his property. When I was researching Time and Time Again, I found several gruesome accounts of fights between slaves staged by their owners for their gambling pleasure. These were no-holds-barred contests that often resulted in one of the men’s death, but hey, those guys could do whatever they wanted with their property, right? It’s one thing when we brutalize each other, but when humans breed and brutalize animals for entertainment, we sink to a new low. I’m not much on prisons, but in this case, perhaps the dogfighters could be adorned with pork chop necklaces and thrown into a cellar with a pack of hungry pissed off pit bulls, and they could discuss their property rights with them. Since Vick is a rich athlete, however, I doubt anything will happen to him.

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