Mr. Cheese at Dusk

Mr. Cheese at Dusk

I couldn’t give up cheese, my neighbor says,
When I tell him what I eat since I almost died.
Mr. Cheese, leaning on the lamp post, laughs
To hear this now familiar refrain.
He follows me around just to hear it.
It makes his day, such heartfelt devotion,
Clearly evidenced by my neighbor’s waist.

Cheese always wins. My students, in stories
Can find places they’ve never been before—
Inside themselves, an undiscovered crossroads—
And then… they hitch a ride with Mr. Cheese
For a car chase (goes without saying, right?)
A vampire, a serial killer, both.
The whole fucking thing’s like just a dream, right?
How cool is that? Cheese asks, laughing so hard
He can’t stop. No one can stop Mr. Cheese.

Down the street we see three deliverers,
Blinkers flashing, carrying Cheese in their arms,
Swaddled to keep him warm. Come baby, come,
Come let’s adore him, baked into a pie.
Mr. Cheese, he stick with you till you die.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Cheese at Dusk

  1. Cheese, cheesy, cheesier, cheesiest. Long time ago, in the classifieds, I found a job ad for a “cheese cutter” and laughed, no doubt due to that old expression that I won’t repeat here (ha). Dennis, you got it, same message as your writing advice, “kill what you love,” or however that goes — your expression is more salient than my memory. Anyhoo (as we say here in MN), well done, well said. Who has ever combined cheese and literature? Cheese and science, maybe: Surely you’ve seen the cheesy Cheez-It ads, about maturity! This is finely matured!

  2. We have a family saying: It ain’t easy being cheesy! Yeah, I’m still cheesy even though I’ve been “off” it almost a year now.
    Cheese vs. Drugs. Cheese lost. But it’s not like there are no calories in humus!

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