I know the wisdom is that it’s a terrible thing that the president has won the Nobel Peace Prize, but my immediate response was glee.  I haven’t exactly had an excess of that lately.  I was also proud that my favorite president of the 11 I’ve been alive for had been awarded one of the most prestigious honors on the planet.  This joy and pride were soon dampened by the immediate realization that this would be seen as yet another disappointing fuckup by them what claims to know what Obama should be doing.  How can it not be good news that the President of the United States is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?  I have faith that countless busy souls of all political persuasions are drawing breath just to answer that question until they have some other awful thing to feed on.  Frankly, it’s weird.  I keep waiting for someone to say, “Have you no decency?” but there’s just more piling on and whingeing.

So, I’d just like to say thanks, Mr. President, for changing the way the rest of the world sees us so drastically in less than a year.  Nothing short of miraculous.  Some complain Obama’s just words.  Powerful things, words.  Remember Shock, Awe, Mushroom Clouds?  Yeah.  Hope, Change, Peace—that’s real bad news.


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