Off to Readercon

I’m attending Readercon in suburban Boston this weekend.  I’ve long wanted to attend but it’s been difficult scheduling in the midst of summer teaching.  Here’s my schedule:

Saturday 12:00 Noon, Salon F: Autographing

Saturday 1:30 PM, NH / MA: Reading (30 min.)
“Healing Benjamin,” forthcoming in Realms of Fantasy.

Saturday 3:00 PM, ME/ CT: Panel
Academic Attention: Good, Bad, or Ugly?  Matthew Cheney, Dennis Danvers, Samuel R. Delany, David G. Hartwell (L), Fred Lerner, Veronica Schanoes.
Academic attention may be the best thing that’s ever happened to the genre, as writers get real-world attention and corresponding increases in advances.  Or it might be the worst disaster of them all, as the very lifeblood / sap / coolant fluid is drained from the genre’s twitching body.  Or maybe it depends on which academic is paying attention?  Absolutely no firearms or other weapons will be allowed in the program area for this panel.

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  1. I didn’t mention you personally, but I did tell him. As it happens I had breakfast with him and John Clute (also amazing).

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