4 thoughts on “Caspar David Friedrich—The wanderer above a sea of fog

  1. Love that image! When I first saw it, for some reason I thought of Victor Frankenstein…probably a residue from Bill & The Big Guy….

    It was a pleasure to have you down to the W&M Bookstore this past weekend. I’ll brainstorm about your next visit, and see if I can come up with some ways to shake things up a bit. I’d love to have you do an actual reading.

  2. at least you’re above the fog and not lost in a fog…. It kind of reminds me of a tarot card, too – The Fool, or the Three of Wands?

  3. The Fool’s usually walking a dog too. It’s not unpleasant being above the fog. I’ve just written a bunch, and I’m between projects, considering all the possibilities in those foggy ravines.

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