A not-wished list

It’s true.  There’s a lot of things we don’t have around here:  cell phones, iPods, leaf blowers, Blackberries, GPS, cable, satellite, HDTV, debt—the list goes on and on.  We do have a bread machine and an espresso maker and a digital camera, all of which get heavy use.  I listen to music on my laptop, but don’t like to be enveloped in my personal music while navigating the world.  Rakes and brooms are superior technology to blowing devices.  We do have wireless fast internet.  I watch TV shows I follow—Terminator, Lost—on my computer.  I don’t know what I’d get me for Christmas.  Maybe a Kindle.  I could be tempted by a Kindle—but not at that price.  People whine hardbacks are too expensive.  When it warms up a little, it’s time to take the bike out for a spin.  I haven’t been on it since my surgery.  I will be cooking a Christmas dinner for various friends and neighbors who don’t want to spend the evening arguing with relatives.  I love Christmas.

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