Rick Warren to talk to God

I can understand why folks might be upset with Warren’s pick to handle the God talk at the inauguration, but as an atheist, I don’t have a God in this fight.  The way I figure it, if you don’t believe in God, why should it matter?  Who can properly address Santa?  Anyone?  No one?  I understand why the new president can’t possibly say he’s an atheist (if he is) because that would make him unelectable.  I’d rather have him in office than be 100% honest.  Change we can believe in has to have Him hanging around somewhere.  If you do believe in God—infallible, omniscient master of the universe—then you have to trust the Big Guy to do the right thing by gays and pro-choice advocates even if Rick is a little challenged on these issues.  And think about it.  No matter who Obama picks, everything the person has said from any pulpit ever will be rehearsed ad nauseam.  Anything to avoid the real issues on this planet.  Remember Rev. Wright?  So who would you rather have sliced and diced?  Warren or some lefty so desperate to believe he’ll say almost anything, which then Obama will have to explain.  This is like arguing over the Tooth Fairy when you’re trying to reconstruct someone’s jaw.  I’d prefer a wiccan priestess myself, but I’d be mighty disappointed in his political skills if Barack listened to me.

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  1. I usually don’t include link only comments, but Antigone’s a friend. Though I gotta say, Hitler? Come on. This isn’t rational discourse but Propaganda 101.

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