Say hello to Ethel

We have a new member of the family, Ethel, an 11-month-old border collie mix who loves people, hates cars, and loves to walk.  So as you can see, we already have a lot in common.  Sarah and I saw her on Sunday at the SPCA, but when our backs were turned, another couple were with her in the adoption room.  Unable to imagine anyone not adopting her, we left thinking we’d missed our chance.  I returned on Tuesday (they’re closed Mondays) and there she was saying, please, please, please:

Naturally I brought her home.  Here she is out of the slammer:

Note the blurry tail.  It typically wags so forcefully as to throw her off balance.  Ethel was her shelter name, but it suits her, and after I watched the third affectionate volunteer wishing her farewell—Ethel! Ethel! Ethel!—I decided to stick with a name that clearly had such positive associations.

6 thoughts on “Say hello to Ethel

  1. aaahhhhhh!!!! so cute!!!! i want to meet her ASAP! i’m free every evening this week, off friday and sunday. when she warms up to doggies i’m sure zoe would love to meet her.

  2. Aside from being the obvious product of miscegenation, having ears that are too big, and having more negative than positive space in the online doggy encyclopedia, to wit, highly intelligent, loyal, energetic, spunky, alert, responsive, eager to learn and OBEDIENT WITH MUCH PATIENT TRAINING, eager to please, affectionate with familiar people, reserved toward strangers, SOME CAN BE EXTREMELY SHY, VICIOUS; BECOMES DESTRUCTIVE IF NOT CONSTANTLY STIMULATED, HIGH LEVEL OF EXERCISE, PATIENCE TO TRAIN-independent thinkers, SHEDS A LOT, BRUSH REGULARLY, NOT NECESSARILY WELL SUITED TO MOST FAMILIES OR HOMES, not a bad looking mutt. Dini says, “Might turn out OK, but has much to overcome since she won’t kill small furry animals and stupid birds for food. Sheep? Blech! Though the little ones are pretty tasty. Oh yeah, this one’s on the wrong side. Guess I’ll stay over here in pat heaven for a while, let her grow up before she confronts a real dog.” I would also suggest you change her name to Ethyl. Despite being supposedly highly intelligent, she won’t be able to read so will not notice the change and you can do appropriate patriotic obeisance to the national addiction. Despite all that I’m looking forward to meeting her. And her dude will be a much happier camper than he might have been otherwise. BTW, does sweet Sarah know about that (repeated) much patience to train stuff?

  3. We’re both learning about patience to train. Alice took a saintly nature in her youth to train which is why she survived to old age. Ethel didn’t read the part about reserved toward strangers unless the stranger is a car or canine. People she LOVES. She also watches television, discriminating all the canines on sight.

  4. BTY when you returned to the SPCA on Tues she was doing her James Brown immitation. Who couldn’t resist that! What a cutie pie. The ears, ah the ears.

    Ethel knew that she had to come to your home. Naturally she knew a loving family when she saw one.

    You are right re contributions to animal foundations. They are always a good gift during the holidays and all year long. Great you mentioned this. But that is you to a T.


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