Urban fantasy films

Having viewed the last film, the class took a critical look at the film line-up, and none was voted off the syllabus. Sixth Sense perhaps came the closest because so many had seen it before, but they agreed it was worth re-watching and was a perfect fit with the novel Perfect Circle. Pan’s Labyrinth, the newcomer to the course, was very well-received. After reading their papers on films of their own choosing in which the bleakness of the class films comes up often, I’ll likely make one change to the syllabus and include at least one comedy. The current lineup is just too depressing. I’m thinking Harvey or Groundhog Day might brighten things up between the grim and the dark. We start Kafka on the Shore today, and I’ve heard early grumblings. We’ll see how it goes.

5 thoughts on “Urban fantasy films

  1. Have you considered Dark City for either class? I think it’s an excellent choice, and it’s been refreshed in my brain since I heard a director’s cut is coming out very soon.

  2. I loved Pan’s Labyrinth. I can never ever watch it again though. God, that movie was depressing.

    I second Dark City. Now I have to find out about this Director’s Cut.

  3. “Stranger Than Fiction,” as a matter of fact, was the most written about film for their reviews, with 3 papers on it. I’m not sure what to bump to make room for it. “Being John Malkovich” was very popular. Perhaps “Donnie Darko” could take a break.

    I’ve definitely considered “Dark City” for the science fiction class. It would make a nice comparison with “Body Snatchers.” I’ll have to check out the Director’s Cut.

    As for “Pan’s Labyrinth,” I suppose it’s depressing, though modern Spaniards must feel that Ofelia and all she represents just may have come back to life after all. Adios, Señor Franco.

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