Richmond cops and sexy women

Anyone who’s read my books knows I’m not always a fan of the police. The Richmond cops, however, have found themselves in the news lately because they had their pictures taken with sexy women. The “public outcry” (tirelessly orchestrated by the “hard-hitting” local news) has been droning on for days. If these cops had had their pictures taken with puppies, kids, old farts like me, foreign visitors, ANYONE, no one would say a word. What nice cops, building good relationships with regular citizens. But these citizens were “scantily clad” in “sexy poses.” (No nudity, no naughty bits). This begs the question—what’s wrong with sexy women? Or is it all women who are suspect? Maybe it’s sex we don’t like, though these photographs are hardly sex. There’s no hanky-panky going on, nothing to suggest anything but some folks having fun. I commend the officers for being human. The photos are at a site called which strikes me as more than a little arrested, self-righteous, and hypocritical. Real news outlets that have been exploiting it are way worse. The ads they run are sexier than these pictures.

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