Not a good week

After getting my second plagiarism in three assignments, I came out of class yesterday to find my bike stolen. A 3-year-old Schwinn Super Sport, blue with turquoise end bars I added myself, it was a sweet ride, a much-loved gift from Sarah. Locked outside the Student Commons with a clearly inadequate lock, it was stolen some time between 9:45 and noon in broad daylight. My new helmet was secured by the same lock.

In other news, however, I just reread Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World for class and enjoyed it even more. So poignant, so silly, so delightfully done. One positive thought about the bike—I had a moment when I was triple-checking where I left the bike, when I thought, I wonder if this is Alzheimer’s? My dad had early onset at 62; I’m bearing down on 61… So it was a relief, really, to verify it was stolen, and I wasn’t losing my mind. May the thief go on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

5 thoughts on “Not a good week

  1. Of course, this blows. I am reminded of how when living with Patrick I had a a bike– a very sweet salmon-colored (and NOT pink, I will have you know!) mountain bike stolen from our front porch. It proves that Richmond is a dangerous place for bikes, I guess.

    Oh well. Perhaps this is an excuse to buy a new and even shinier bike?

  2. Dennis, that really sucks. What kind of lock were you using?

    1) I’d keep an eye out for it on Craigslist and eBay.

    2) if it doesn’t turn up, ReCycles on cary is a good place to start shopping. Do you know what size the frame was?

  3. A Master lock sold at the VCU bookstore. The thief probably bought his bolt cutters elsewhere. “Size” on the receipt is marked “58/L” I’m assuming that’s 58 centimeters(?)

  4. Hm…do you have evidence of the cut-off lock? I would try to get Master Lock to get you a new bike!

    58 centimeters…

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