“Realism is the art of being superficial—seriously.” —James Branch Cabell

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Balzac’s wonderful. I’ve been working on a story for Richmond Noir, a collection of mysteries set in Richmond by local writers. It’s been great fun, but it’s the first realistic thing I’ve done in ages—set in a straightforward contemporary Richmond. It almost seems like cheating. I don’t have to think about the way the world works; I don’t have to invent it or make sure it’s consistent. It’s so easy. I may have to do more of this!

7 thoughts on “Realism

  1. Thanks Robert for supplying that link. It will include just about every writer with a strong Richmond connection except for that woman who does Kate Scarpeta.

  2. I was going to ask who else is going to be contributing. What’s the anticipated release date? There’s nothing on Amazon yet.

  3. The only date certain I have at the moment is the contibutors’ deadline, March 15th. Then the editors, Andrew Blossom and Brian Castleberry, have to do their thing. No sooner than fall, I would think, for a pub. date. I’ll certainly pass on whatever I learn.

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