Virginia primary

Today is the Virginia primary, and I hope y’all are voting out there. We might actually matter this time around. There’s someone for everybody, seems to me. I’ve gone back and forth, but I’ll likely vote for Barack. I like Mike for his entertainment value, so I hope all you Republicans vote to keep him in the race. Otherwise it’s nothing but grim patriotism until November.

As regular readers know, we’ve been supportive of God’s campaign in 2008, but God doesn’t need to mess with any stinkin’ primaries. When he declares something, that’s pretty much it. This gives him a decided advantage come election time too. He hasn’t wanted to steal the other candidates’ thunder during primary season, though he would remind them he’s the only one who actually has thunder and knows how to use it, as Lucifer in Paradise Lost can attest. “This doesn’t mean I’m a sure thing,” God has pointed out. “I still haven’t figured out how this electoral college thing works, and then there’s always the Supreme Court to worry about. That Scalia, especially, is one scary dude.”

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