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I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been closing in on the end of a draft of a novel-in-progress. Everything else pretty much has to get out of the way for the moment. I have been kicking around different titles, however, and thought I’d ask what appeals. The working title has been The Best Lucifer Ever. Also in contention are Lucifer in Dreams and Lucky to Have Lucifer. If any of these sounds more enticing to you, please pass that information along.

7 thoughts on “Title choices

  1. Because I’m an asshole…I’ve come up with some alternates (though I do like the working title as well)

    Smart. Beautiful. Lucifer
    I’m Lovin’ Lucifer
    Try Lucifer You’ll Like It
    Tonight, Let It Be Lucifer
    Nothing Sucks Like a Lucifer
    Lucifer: Hells Yeah
    Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Lucifer
    You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Lucifer
    Shouldn’t Your Baby Be A Lucifer Baby?
    Choosy Moms Choose Lucifer
    Say It With Lucifer

    God, I could do this all day.

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