Greeting from my researches. I’ve been busily writing this week. Something about this novel keeps leading me to characters who fall from high places—Lucifer, Kong, Jezebel. Jezebel’s tossed from a window by some of those believers in the one true God who teaches us to love one another. Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Jezebel

  1. I was looking up Jezebel the other day and it lead me to my new favorite word: defenestration.

    I love that we have a word for throwing someone out of a window.

    P.S. I just reread “Circuit of Heaven” and it really is just an absolute delight.

  2. Defenestration is a great word. I’m already ready to defenestrate David Petraeus if I hear his name one more time this morning!

    Thanks for the Circuit compliment. Have you read End of Days?

  3. I actually just picked up a copy from Creatures & Crooks which is what prompted me to reread Circuit of Heaven. Probably going to start reading it tonight if I can drag myself away from my own writing for a bit 😉

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