It’s our loss

When I was quite young, I used to watch television with my folks on Sunday afternoons in Dallas. There wasn’t much on, but their favorite show was a hispanic variety show. We were new to Texas, but my parents were delighted by all things Mexican—the food, the music, the dance. Whenever we got the chance traveling with my dad, we would visit Mexico.  As an adult, I’ve traveled to several countries, but Mexico is still my favorite.  There are no better hosts in the world.
When I moved to Virginia in the mid 80’s, I entered a black and white world. Where were the brown people, the Spanish language, the food, the music, and culture? That’s what I missed most about Texas—perhaps the only thing. I certainly didn’t miss the politics.  Now that’s changed, and Virginia—indeed, the entire country—is richer for the hispanic immigrants who have come here.

Now it looks like as long as they’re willing to work for shit wages as a permanent underclass, we willingly accept their contribution, but when they want the respect they deserve, we self-righteously (and hypocritically) turn our backs. It’s shameful.

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